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Senior Certified Golf Instructor

Director of Instruction - LGA Whistler

2017 LGA Instructor of the Year


Originally from Central Florida, Matt was introduced to the game of golf at the age of ten by his father. Matt had a successful junior golf career which included three top-five finishes in the Florida State High School Golf Championship. Matt received a full scholarship to attend Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. While at Eckerd, Matt became the Captain of his college golf team, and then led the "Tritons" to their first-ever tournament victory. After graduating, Matt began teaching math in a local middle school. He enjoyed teaching tremendously, but the dream to play professional golf was one he wished to pursue full time. Matt began taking lessons at a Leadbetter Golf Academy with a certified golf instructor. He was so impressed with the teaching methods he was learning, he decided to forego his pursuit of playing golf professionally and joined the Leadbetter team in 2003. Since becoming an LGA Certified Golf Instructor Matt has had the opportunity to travel to many of the Leadbetter academies. Matt has spent two summers in Vail, Colorado, and has also taught in Naples, Florida; Nemacolin, Pennsylvania, and in Half Moon Bay, Jamaica.


Golf instruction with Matt Denzer

When he’s not busy instructing players on the finer techniques of golf, Matt can occasionally be found sharing his expertise online.


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• Golf Tip: Paying Attention to Details

• How to Hit a Solid Chip Shot


Today, Matt is stationed in Palm Beach, Florida in the winter and Whistler, Canada in the summer, where he offers lessons. Email Matt at to schedule a lesson today.


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